If there’s something you need to know and it’s not listed here, please contact us and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

Can I edit my Adult Profile after it’s live on the website?

Yes – please go to “My Account” and you’ll see a table with your listings, click edit and make the necessary changes.

Can I see how many people have viewed my listing?

Yes – please go to “My Account” and you’ll see a table with your listings, click stats to view your listing statistics.

Can i upgrade my listing from a Free to a Standard or Featured Listing?

Yes – please go to “My Account” and you’ll see a table with your listings, click duplicate and from there you’ll be able to select either a Standard or Featured listing package.

Can i upgrade or downgrade from a Standard or Featured Listing part way through a billing cycle?

Yes – please go to “My Account” and you’ll see a table with your listings, click edit and make the switch. Billing is then calculated according to the days into the cycle and automatically adjusted.

Can I list my service on the Kink Directory?

Yes, any BDSM / Fetish Service Provider or Dungeon, plus Escorts and Brothels are invited to add their link to the Kink Directory. There’s a short form on the right hand side of the page, fill it out and we’ll take it from there.

Can i add an event to the Events Calendar?

Yes – please register for an account, then you’ll be able to list your event free of charge. Please enter as much information as possible and make sure you include a featured image. Please make sure you use correct grammar, it will help you get eyes on your event.

If you have a Facebook Page or Group with your events listed, please send us the link and we’ll set it up from there.

Can i sell tickets to my event on the Events Calendar?

Yes – You can define all aspects of your ticket, from number of tickets available, selling start and end time, cost etc …. You have complete control over the ticketing to your event.

What does it cost to sell tickets to my events?

Free Events – There is no charge for you to list free events, we encourage you to list all of your events on Kink.

Paid Events – The cost is 2.6% of the ticket price + $1 per ticket. These fees are added to the price of the ticket, so you’ll be paid the full ticket value.

What payment methods are available for tickets sold on the Events Calendar?

The Event Calendar can accept payments through PayPal and also our own Merchant Facility which accepts Visa and Mastercards.

When do i get paid for the tickets that are sold?

We’ll transfer the money to you, via EFT (preferred method as there’s no transfer fees) to your nominated bank account or to your registered PayPal address, the first business day or as soon as practically possible after the ticket sales ends.

Can i get paid early?

We understand the need for cash flow in any business, especially when you’re running an event. For those events when there’s a long sales cycle we’ll be more than happy to transfer the ticket funds raised on a regular basis. We encourage you to contact us and we’ll be able to work something out.

Event Promotion.

You – Just like any event, it’s going to help if you promote the event listing on Kink through your circles.

Us – We promote all events on our Twitter and as an added bonus, we’ll also mention them in the S(A)X Leather VIP Newsletter that goes out to thousands and thousands of people each week – Trust us when we say, you’ll get plenty of kinky eyes on your event!

Linking to the tickets form.

Simply go to your event page and #buy-tickets to the end of the url …. or just send out the link to the event and they can scroll down to the tickets.

It’s just as easy to link to yourself as the organiser of the event … for example, www.kink.com.au/organiser/kink-adelaide that way the people you direct to us will land on your page and see all the events you have listed.