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Oz Kink Fest Weekend Workshop Intensives

September 23, 2017 @ 11:00 am - September 24, 2017 @ 6:30 pm UTC+10

Oz Kink Fest Intensive Workshop Weekend
23rd/24th September 2017
48 workshops over 2 days and you get to choose 6 from the amazing variety of topics!

Tickets: $205 pre-sale only for the WORKSHOP WEEKEND
Oz Kink Fest VIP Pass $290 (Access to ALL events)
Members Oz Kink Fest VIP Pass $270 (Access to ALL events)
One Day workshop Pass 3 workshops only

Box Office Here


There are only 100 places in this weekend of workshops and you need to purchase a workshop pass for the whole weekend.
If you have not purchased a pass you cannot book these workshops!
What does my Workshop pass get me?
A choice of 6 workshops over 2 days…Entry to Klub Kunst Stay and Play Party on the Saturday Night. A unique opportunity to learn and socialise in an amazing venue.
The weekend starts on Saturday 23rd September 2017 at 12 noon
There will be 8 workshops running consecutively 3 times
It will follow by a stay and play party in this amazing fully equipped venue which is included in your weekend workshop pass
And continuing on Sunday 24th September which commences at 11 am and there will be 8 workshops running consecutively 3 times
We have payment options available upon request so please email info@ozkinkfest.com to arrange yours – a small deposit and a payment plan can be arranged
http://www.ozkinkfest.com or by emailing info@ozkinkfest.com

***The workshop schedule is subject to change every effort will be made to deliver the program as advertised however we retain the right to make changes

Saturday 23rd September
Stream 1
12 Noon – 2.00 pm

Presenter Topic
Anne’O’Nomis So You Want to be kidnapped
Jaiden Lilith The Wonderful Art of Genital Torture
Ignixia BDSM 101 aka “Welcome to Kink!”
Robert Dante Let’s Get Cracking! — Whips 101
Lady Severine SSC101
EternalAngel Playing with the Sadist

BOOK HERE: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/oz-kink-fest-weekend-workshop-intensives-stream-1-tickets-35814474056

Stream 2
2.30 – 4.30 pm

Presenter Topic
Anne’O’Nomis Corporal punishment – Tradition, Equipment, and Ritual
Mistress Tokyo Heavy Sensory Deprivation
Jaiden Lilith Active Bottoming
Sado BJ & Pepper Introduction To Electric Sex
Robert Dante Bullwhip: The Epitome of S&M
Mz Asha Beginners Anal Play
EternalAngel Mental Health and BDSM – 101
Ignixia Sadistic Needlework

BOOK HERE: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/oz-kink-fest-weekend-workshop-intensives-stream-2-tickets-35814581377

Stream 3
5.00 – 7.00 pm

Presenter Topic
AngelAnne & Tiger Flames are my weakness- Fireplay
Jaiden Lilith Get Your Buzz – Electroplay
Sado BJ & Pepper BDSM 101
Mistress Tokyo Takedown Bondage
Robert Dante Stacking the Odds in Your Favour
EternalAngel How to be a good Play Partner
Ignixia Decorative Cuttings aka “I Will Cut You!”

BOOK HERE: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/oz-kink-fest-weekend-workshop-intensives-stream-3-tickets-35814859208

Sunday 24th September
Stream 4
11 am – 1 pm

Presenter Topic
AngelAnne& Tiger Flogging Does It Have To Hurt?
Mistress Tokyo Catheters and Sounds
Jaiden Lilith Active Bottoming
Avalon Bag Of Tricks
Robert Dante Bullwhip: The Epitome of S&M
Lady Severine SSC101
EternalAngel Pitfalls of being a Dominant
Ignixia Body Mods 201 aka “Let’s Make Some Bloody Art”

BOOK HERE: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/oz-kink-fest-weekend-workshop-intensives-stream-4-tickets-35814887292

Stream 5
2.00pm – 4.00 pm
Presenter Topic
AngelAnne& Tiger Facile, Florentine Flogging
Mistress Tokyo CBT
Mistress Electra Spanking
Avalon On the tight and dark side – shibari
Robert Dante Stacking the Odds in Your Favour
Jaiden Lilith Get Your Buzz – Electroplay
EternalAngel Mental Health and BDSM – 102
Ignixia Wanna Play Doctor?

BOOK HERE: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/oz-kink-fest-weekend-workshop-intensives-stream-5-tickets-35814923400

Stream 6
4.30 – 6.30
Presenter Topic
Robert Dante Fine Tuning Your Whips
Jaiden Lilith The Wonderful Art of Genital Torture
Mistress Electra Canning
Tokyo Latex Repair and Maintenance
Avalon Sensual Rope
EternalAngel Recognising an Abusive Relationship in Kink
Ignixia Cell Popping / Micro Branding



Ignixia (USA) BDSM 101 aka “Welcome to Kink!”

Congrats! You’ve found the exciting world of BDSM. Perhaps you read about it in a book, saw it in a video, or heard about it from some friends. Something about it intrigued you, whether it was just a few days ago or years ago, and now you’re looking for more. This class will cover the very basics of BDSM and what a public dungeon is like; a great primer for those just starting out and wanting to explore. This class finishes off with a Q&A session, perfect for those questions you’re just dying to ask.
Sadistic Needlework
Does basic needle play not quite scratching your itch for pain? Are the basics just not “mean enough?” In this class, we’ll take the basics to the next level with drags, pulls, twists, and oh so much more to take your needle play from “ow” to “holy sh*t MF!!” Be sure to come with your own needle kit if you have one as this class is sure to inspire experimentation during our hands on portion!

Decorative Needles aka “Beauty is Pain”

Bet you never thought arts and crafts would get this wild! This class is all about taking your needle play from “ow” to “oooh pretty!” We’ll cover needle designs and the artistic effect of multiple sticks, adding strings and ribbon to create line-work and corseting, as well as decorating your bottom with feathers and flowers. You’ll never look at a craft store the same again.

Body Mods 201 aka “Let’s Make Some Bloody Art

This class covers the how to’s of needle play, decorative cuttings, and even closure methods for those who love to mix their play to create art. We will cover the basics of each as well as how to make them artistic and take your play past just being painful. It will also cover safe handling precautions and procedures for bio-hazard type material such as sharps and bodily fluid handling and disposal.

Wanna Play Doctor?

Heart racing at the sight of needles? Weak in the knees thinking about scalpels and sutures? Sounds like you’ve come down with a case of medical fetishism. Not to worry though, this specialist has just the prescription you need to break your fever caused by routine play session blues. So get ready to open up and say “ah” as we cover how to go from scenes that’ll put a dungeon to sleep to play that will have you screaming “Hellooo Nurse!” The doctor will see you now.

Cell-Popping / Micro-Branding

Are you a fan of body modifications and looking for something a little different to add to your play? Welcome to the world of cell-popping! Cell-popping, also known as “micro-branding,” can be as simple as a few lines and basic shapes or as intricate and artistic as your drawing skills allow. Whether you’re interested in leaving your mark on your partner(s), or just want to learn a new way to make them writhe in pain, you’re sure to enjoy adding this skill to your body modification toolbox.

Robert Dante (USA)

Let’s Get Cracking! — Whips 101

The Basics, Getting a Good Foundation, Learning How to Learn, Commonly Encountered Problems and How to Solve Them.

Bullwhip: The Epitome of S&M

BDSM applications of whip skills; Whip basics, crafting a bullwhip scene, working in tight spaces, maximizing your odds for a good scene, experiencing the Circle of Energy between Sadist and masochist/Top and bottom, open question period. (Bring your whip.)

Stacking the Odds in Your Favour

How to increase the likelihood of successful and safe bullwhip scenes without sacrificing intensity or enjoyability, based on Dante’s years in the Scene as a BDSM and in the mainstream world as a professional bullwhip artist. Know the risks so you can make the smart choices!

Fine Tuning Your Whips

Optimizing whips for better performance — crackers, falls, conditioning, storing, repairs, elements of good whip repair bags, and more.

Mistress Tokyo

Heavy Sensory Deprivation

Mistress Tokyo will take you on a broad yet focused journey of heavy sensory deprivation bondage, touching on aspects of rubber and leather play.
She’ll explain the meditational experience that total enclosure bondage can be and show you how to safely explore this fascinating, immersive and downright hot form of play.

Takedown Bondage

In this workshop, I’ll draw from my experience as a Takemusu Aikido practitioner and lover of Hojojyutsu (the Japanese martial art of rope tying on prisoners) to show you some techniques I employ in My scenes to get your sub on the ground and keep them there!
We’ll cover takedown from an Aikido perspective, pressure points, equipment, and Hojo inspired boxtie harnesses.
Attendee requirements: This is a pair-based, hands-on workshop format. Please wear comfortable clothing, bring rope and be prepared to go to the ground!
Those without a partner or who just want to observe are also welcome.

“Sounds and Catheters on Cis-Men”

Urethral play can be a very sexy scene. Imagine having your cis-cock penetrated – just like any other orifice – with a hard-shiny smooth piece of cold medical steel! Or a urinary catheter tracing all the way into your bladder, giving you the unequivocal feeling of helplessness that comes with feeling urine drain out of you?
Invasive procedures like these enforce a sub’s feeling of vulnerability – but shouldn’t increase their feeling of a lack of safety. Sounding is one of the most potentially injurious activities in CBT and a urinary catheter introduces the risk of bladder infection – but I’ll show you how to negotiate both these scenes safely and cleanly.
This workshop will not have an experiential component for attendees; rather my sub and I will share what we’re doing and experiencing – the empirical component for attendees will be vicarious.
Prior experience or specific equipment is not necessary, single attendees most welcome.


“If a Sunday afternoon of recreational torture sounds just like your sort of “ball sport”, then forget the football and come along to experience as many styles of CBT as I can include in 90mins! I’ll cover the basics of CBT, from the gentle to ball-breakingly intense, and show you how I structure a scene from the first touch – to the petit mort!”

Mindful Rope

Still to come

Mistress Electra Amore Spanking

Still to come

“Canning – It’s all about the cane”

During this Electra will share her knowledge about the cane, the different styles and thickness’s that are available and how to choose the ideal one and length for you. I will cover the must know of how to clean, store, and maintain. And most importantly how they handle the cane to get the desired effect, from warming up someone, the sensual way it can be used, to how to deliver a meaningful and accurate disciplinary stoke.


“So You Want to be kidnapped?”

Kidnapping is a fantasy for many, but tricky to enact. Anne O Nomis will discuss and plot out on a board the how to’s and issues of (consensual) kidnappings. From static, to semi-static to fluid, and the risks – from CCTV cameras, bystander complaints, police, to transit challenges. She’ll describe intimate knowledge of a now notorious kidnapping of a man who was taken in a white van to a distant underground lair, immortalized in Mr Stockholm Kidnapped blog, with parallel events forewarned in The Guardian newspaper.

Corporal punishment – Tradition, Equipment, and Ritual

BDSM Historian Anne O Nomis will discuss the tradition of corporal punishment, and its sources of inspiration from prison sentences, to domestic discipline, and school punishment. She’ll show and tell of the equipment traditionally been used, from whips to cats, from birches to nettles, from tawses to canes, and equipment used from Berkley Horses to bend-over benches or being lifted over the backs of maids. Lastly, she’ll discuss and demonstrate the ritual of corporal punishment; the verbal, the counting, the sets and technique.

Jaiden Lilith

Genital Torture Sensual Sadism – for ladies and gents

Genital Torture, CBT, these words can arouse or terrify… and many people would love to try it but don’t know where to start or are afraid of causing permanent injury. This workshop can show you how to get started, with a range of techniques from beginners to advanced.
Workshop Details
Group activity – partners
– Safety – being aware of force and the biology and physics, as well as stance and ergonomics
– Techniques, doing it in heels, being comfortable while doing it
– How to work up to it / negotiations
– Psychological factors – fear and arousal
– Different styles
Just about anything you do to other body parts you can incorporate here
– Impact (canes, crops, paddles, hands)
– Electro (insertables, violet wand, etc)
– Tying (crotch rope, cock rope)
– Kicking – Ball busting and cunt kicking
– Weights
– Demonstrations on live models and objects

Active Bottoming

So, you think you’re a bottom or a sub and all you have to do is sit there while your top does everything? Don’t be a sub-starfish! Learn how to engage and create a two-way flow of energy which will take your play to the next level by emphasizing your own personality in the process.
Workshop Sections
Demonstrations with a variety of play styles
Group activity – partners
– Bottoming Etiquette
– Engage with your top
– Being present
– Undoing defence mechanisms
– Energy as well as Power exchange
– Negotiation

Get Your Buzz – Electroplay Workshop

Violet wand
Cattle prod
TENS unit
Workshop Details
Group activity – partners
Safety in use – do’s and don’ts
Standard applications / how they work
Violet wand – surface area
TENS units – insertables
Imaginative use – Power tripper, anything conductive – dragging chain, pinwheel, speculums
The sounds that they make – sensory deprivation
Sensual to sadistic levels of play
Use on genitals
Usage in scenarios, ie Doctor / Patient, Interrogation

Mistress Severine

“SSC 101 – Safe, Sane & Consensual”

• Safe, Sane & Consensual, the foundation of healthy BDSM.
• Safe kink – basic BDSM safety awareness for Dom/mes and subs. Addressing bondage, impact, breath play, equipment cleaning.
• Sane kink – caring for yourself and your play partner’s emotional and psychological wellbeing. Discussions on subspace, subdrop and TopDrop. Briefly touching on healthy negotiations for those with existing mental health issues.
• Consensual kink – Consent is mandatory, enthusiastic consent is sexy! Communication and negotiation skills and tools.
• Scene etiquette, basic guidelines for kink community events.
• Kink Clinic Q&A

“Stride confidently into the kink community with a comprehensive overview of all things Safe, Sane and Consensual with Lady Severine.”


Playing with the Sadist

How long have you known that you love pain? A day? Months? Years? – Not sure?
There are plenty of people that love to engage in various forms of Sadomasochism, and also education on accepting pain to trading ideas and learning new techniques. But this particular class is aimed at submissive/bottom types and will discuss different forms of Sadism, how to manage your own pain tolerance, negotiating with a Sadist for pick up play, giving aftercare to a Sadist and assisting a budding Sadist feel comfortable.

Mental Health & BDSM 101

Can you recognize Mental Health and do you know how to manage it, for yourself or your play partner?
EternalAngel is passionate about Mental Health and the role it plays in the BDSM world and our lives in everyday life. This is a chance to learn how to recognize the unseen and understand the potential minefield with any player regardless of how they identify, where to get appropriate help when need be, how to negotiate Mental Health as part of your scene or relationship, aftercare, and the risks in mind fucking with Mental Health.
How to be a good Play Partner

Are you wanting to play with someone who isn’t part of your relationship/s?
This workshop discusses the key points of being a good play partner, from asking someone to play and asking their partner to negotiation and what happens post play. Looking at boundaries of your own while remaining respectful to both you, your dynamics and those of who you are looking to engage with, it’s important to be able to recognise how it all fits together to lead to a mutually satisfying play for everyone.
In a world where dynamics are everything and anything is possible, this class is an open discussion for all, both new and experienced in the lifestyle.

Pitfalls of being a Dominant

As people step from the ‘default’ world into BDSM, there is an unspoken initiation for each of us as we start to find where we fit and how we identify. In particular, there is a mental series of obstacles that many Dominants need to overcome to find that place there they are happy in themselves.
Come along, to learn about those blocks as a Dominant and how to overcome them, or join me to look at ways to help your Dominant ease the transition.

Mental Health and BDSM – 102

How does Mental Illness affect us in BDSM and Kink?
Continuing on from Mental Health and BDSM 101, this workshop focuses on specific types of Mental Illness and how it can affect individuals within kink both within a scene and in a relationship – ways to support them and a discussion on self-care.
You do not need to attend the 101 class to attend the 202 class, however a basic level of knowledge will be assumed.

Recognising an Abusive Relationship in Kink

Sometimes abuse doesn’t come in the form of bruises and seeing someone get ‘smacked around’ and a lot of people want bruises and to get smacked, with consent.
But what happens when you love someone, and that person isn’t physically lashing out – instead, they are saying things that dig deeper than just a joke…their behaviour is affecting you and your decisions….is this abuse?
A workshop about how to recognise a more-subtle abusive relationship, how to support someone who is in one and what steps can be taken to end the abuse.

Sado BJ & Pepper

“Intro to Electric Sex”

Hosted by BJ, this seminar will provide participants with an awareness and understanding of electro sex toys, their basic principles, how to administer them, and how to safely enjoy their pleasurable sensations!

BJ has twelve years’ experience in retailing and using electro sex products; giving him a unique understanding of the pros and cons of various units and toys, both through his own testing and customer feedback from users of all experience levels.

Many people interested in getting into electro sex find the variety of choices in brands, toys and configurations daunting. BJ seeks to remove this barrier by educating attendees on all the popular brands plus the different types of toys available to help attendees consider what is best for them and their experience level.

This class will also feature a live demonstration and will give participants a limited opportunity to experience the effects of electro sex toys for themselves. This class is perfect for the beginner or intermediate user.

“BDSM 101”
There are two sides to every coin, so the phrase goes. This class will aim to give some perspectives of how and where to begin in your exploration of BDSM, both from a dominant and a submissive approach (or even as a switch!).

This class will give you tips on where to start: What is BDSM? What aspects of it do I want to explore? What skills do I need to get there? And how can I make it a pleasurable experience for all involved?

Topics covered will include physical and psychological safety; finding the right partner; energy and power exchange; and exploring your role as a dominant or submissive. We will also offer an introduction to developing specific skill sets including spanking, flogging and bondage. BJ and Pepper will also aim to answer any and every question you might have about any topic under the umbrella of BDSM!

AngelAnne & Tiger

“Flogging does it have to hurt?”

This workshop is designed as an introduction to Flogging and is ideal for those with little or no experience. Angel and Tiger will take you through the basic philosophy and techniques associated with this form of corporal punishment with the view of developing and incorporating flogging into a play scene.
This class will begin with an explanation & demonstration of equipment and technique followed by supervised practice giving each participant the opportunity to get involved.

“Flames are my weakness – Fire Play”

“For hours I can stare into a fire, fascinated by the dance of the flames, tempted at every turn to poke and play with the undulating waves. The flames are mesmerizing, terrifying, sexy and sensual yet scary and dangerous. That’s why I love them!”
In this Fire play workshop, Angel will discuss:
• Play preparation
• The need to CONTROL everything!
• Fire Safety, Equipment & Risk Reduction
• Different types of fire play & tools
• Fire play demonstration & Techniques
• After care.

“Florentine Flogging”

Join Tiger & Angel and learn the art of Florentine flogging.
Florentine Flogging is defined as the art of using two floggers, one in each hand. The term “Florentine” was originally designated to the art of wielding two weapons. Typically in BDSM play, Florentine flogging is used to describe many combinations of the use of two floggers, but most frequently it is thought of as interlocking figure 8 patterns.


“Bag of tricks”

Another topic that Avalon covers in his workshops is called the “bag of tricks”, to explain better, once a rigger’s skill set reaches a certain level, what a rigger gets from workshops and classes is not so much entire ties but rather a number of little tricks that will improve one’s rope, safety, flow, accuracy, efficiency and a rigging style. In his workshops Avalon shares the tricks he has picked up from his encounters with other riggers in Japan and elsewhere.
This is what one hopes to achieve by taking the 1 on 1 classes with Masters in Japan, really good rope is all in the detail and in its execution, so to understand and learn these tricks and how to judge one’s own rope, is very important.

“On the Tight & Dark Side”

There is much tough play, much of this is achieved through impact or pain, in this workshop we will be looking at stress and resistance instilled by compression and contortion,�Its a delicate but very effective form of “semenawa” used by great Bakushis such as Kitagawa.�Very subtle, precise and effective to gently push ones partner slowly close to their limit, a beautiful form of “mind fucking”.

Sensual Rope”

This workshop is not so much about technique but about why we are tying in the first place, looking at connectivity and methodology of tying, sensual rope is one of the most rewarding styles and one for which Avalon is known for.�In this workshop we will look at rope style, flow, with in detail with great attention placed on the partner, learn to read body language and introduce elements into the sessions such as wax & play with sensory deprivation.


Ignixia is an international kink educator and leather-woman who is the owner and sole-operator of the award-winning Adrenalize LLC, a business designed around creating custom, quality leather goods that are affordable to all. She has used her skills as a leatherworker to create the Kinkability toy line, first of its kind fetish gear designed for those with disabilities. As someone who lives with chronic pain, along with her partner, she uses her experiences to help others with chronic pain through an online support group and classes designed to make daily life and kink easier to manage.
While leatherwork has provided a means to live, education and outreach fuel her passion for life. In addition to teaching about living with chronic pain in the kink lifestyle, Ignixia teaches on a wide range of soft-skill topics, such as consent, communication, negotiation, and sexual identity; she also teaches hard-skills such as floggers and impact play, medical play, and body modifications.
When not traveling to teach at kink conventions, she volunteers 2 days per week at the Woodshed Orlando as a DM and educator. Locally she has also been a founding member and Co-Chair of NLA-Orlando, Co-Founder of WiLO (Women in Leather Orlando), Co-Creator of CFL Littles, and supporter of WinK (Women in Kink), Dominant’s Roundtable, and multiple under 35 groups. She recently created the Kinky Coexist design reminding us to always work together.


Professional bullwhip artist, BDSM bullwhip educator, lifestyle S/Mer. Four Guinness World Records. Author of “Let’s Get Cracking! The How-To Book of Bullwhip Skills.” Producer/performer in erotic/ instructional DVD, “Bullwhip: Art of the Single Tail Whip,” at http://www.Bullwhip.Xxx. Author of the bullwhip chapter in “Screw the Roses, Send Me the Thorns.” Featured on HBO’s Real Sex, Playboy’s Night Calls, and more. “The best whip master we have seen,” according to Skin Two Magazine. Dante lives in Mound, MN USA.


Mistress Tokyo is an intelligent, articulate Dominatrix in Sydney, Australia. With over 15 years’ experience in professional and private BDSM she enjoy’s light to heavy play in most areas.
Mistress Tokyo specializes in all forms of bondage, most particularly Japanese Shibari rope bondage. Mistress Tokyo adores heavily fetishistic scenes involving latex and leather.

There is no doubt Mistress Tokyo is also a total sadist, relishing in anal play, CBT, NT, WS, slave training, medical procedures, torture, spanking, corporal punishment, caning, martial arts scenes, takedown, extended scenes and BS.
Although she has accrued diverse interests in her professional career, she describes herself as a highly fetishistic bondage Top with a strong sadistic streak who enjoys intense and invasive scenes.
Mistress Tokyo prides herself on being highly creative and original, as she is often told by her regular slaves. “I keep them guessing – even after years of seeing each other!”


An accomplished Dominatrix, rich with the experience of female supremacy and power exchange. Mistress Electra Amore has intuitive sensual prowess, with a natural hourglass buxom figure, long dark locks and my green eyes are a reflection of my Roman bloodline and my sadistic needs inherited from Van Diemen’s Land, which run deep within my veins.
Traditionally trained at the original House of Domination in Melbourne by Mistress Britt during the mid 90’s, her skills and knowledge have come from two decades of professional and lifestyle indulgence.
Mistress Electra’s documented timeline of working alongside and for many reputable Dommes, switches, submissives, houses, clubs, magazines and websites within Australia, UK and Europe. Reflects my maturity, with establishing a world-renowned reputation.


Anne O Nomis has a Masters degree in Art and Archaeology from UCL (University College London). She undertook her professional internship in a leading dungeon, as well as additional tutorship by top Dominatrices around the world, researching the Dominatrix and her practices.
Her book, ‘The History & Arts of the Dominatrix’ was researched and written over four years, and quickly gained worldwide acclaim and has been described as ‘the Bible for Dominatrices’. It has been favourably reviewed by DDI Magazine (Domination Directory International), Massad Magazine, Leatherati, Library Journal Review, and by Dominatrices themselves.
Her framework known as ‘The Seven Realm Arts’ in the Dominatrix’s areas of practices has become the basis for training at dungeons around the world, including the world’s oldest BDSM training Chateau, La Domaine Esemar.
Nomis moved to Melbourne in 2015, following research on the island of Cyprus and is currently writing a major work on the ancient sex rituals over 3000 years of pre-Christian religion.
She teaches the Dominatrix Diploma course at Passionfruit, gives talks on BDSM and sex history, and is invited as a speaker at BDSM conferences worldwide.


Jaiden Lillith is a gender fluid proDom/me and Shibari performance artist based in Sydney. Currently offering sessions at Temple 22 and selected dungeons in Sydney, Jaiden and his rope dancer Amirah have performed at The Sanctuary, The Chamber, The Velvet Rope and Rule 34 among other venues. A lifestyle and professional Dominatrix, as well as events organiser and promoter at The Sanctuary, one of Sydney’s premier BDSM clubs, Jaiden Lillith is truly passionate about their craft and the community. A gifted role-player with a flair for theatrics and an intuitive and organic style, Lillith is not afraid to push the boundaries in play and performance.


Lady Severine has been active in the lifestyle for 13 years and started exploring 17 years ago, honoured by the number of experienced kinksters who helped guide her on her journey. “It’s about time I paid that favour forward”.

The Kink Clinic project is the culmination of my life’s work, an outrageous and humbling journey through:

Kink Clinic seminars and workshops – Brisbane – current – including seminars given at the University of Queensland.
Hellfire club of Queensland – House Domme – current.
Guilty Pleasures fetish club – England
Temple dungeon – England
Professional Dominatrix
House of Sin
Sexual health specialist
Queer support network coordinator
Sex toy retailer
Award winning cabaret artist and burlesque producer.

Through all of this I’ve had one continual thread , a passion to create platforms in which sexuality and kink are actively celebrated, to create safe spaces for our explorations, and now, to make sure everyone has access to the support and resources they need for a happy, SSC kink life.

Burlesque performer, Crisis councillor, relationship advisor, qualified psychologist and kinky as fuck.


EternalAngel has been involved in kink and BDSM for almost two decades, where crash course introduction was brought into her life and from there she continued on a journey of self-discovery and desire to learn more about the ‘dark side of life’ of all things kink.
Since then, EternalAngel has developed a taste for a wide range of things from basic Impact Play to intensive mindfuckery and consensual/non-consensual scenes that push both herself and those that are willing to engage with her.

Aside from the enjoyment of a good scene, EternalAngel has a driving passion for knowledge, both learning and sharing to the BDSM community both locally and internationally, recently returning from the US where she attended and taught at Dark Odyssey: Fusion and Rough Crowd in Chicago.


BJ is well regarded around the Melbourne and interstate fetish scene as an expert in rope bondage, flogging and general impact play. BJ’s accomplishments as a passionate advocate of the fetish and SM scene in Australia are wide and varied, including fetish performances, event management (Ligatio and Fantastic Party), seminar and workshop presentations, radio appearances, working at and later becoming co-owner of Eagle Leather, and plenty more. Through his career at Eagle Leather, he has focused on education and established himself as one of the main presenters at Eagle Leather’s workshops and seminars for nine years.

BJ is an accomplished master with over fifteen years’ experience in BDSM and just as long in the adult industry. What began as practicing flogging in the back room of the sex shop where he was employed at the age of 20 has since developed into a full-time passion for everything that is BDSM and fetish. From this basis, his interests begun to develop, especially in the areas of impact play and Japanese influenced bondage.

An experienced top, his creative styles are enjoyed by audiences and kink fans across the board. His major strengths involve flogging, caning, bondage, genital and nipple torture, discipline and humiliation. BJ was also awarded the coveted title of Best Australian Sex Educator at the Eros Shine Awards in 2011.

About Pepper

Pepper has been heavily involved in the BDSM scene since the impressionable age of 20. From self-experimentation at a young age, she has developed a keen interest in anything that deviates from the norm and stretches her concept of her own comfort zone. Humble beginnings of playful spankings developed into an incredible tolerance of pain, particularly in her favourite sport of caning. She has also become a devoted submissive, having learned plenty and developed significantly during her path in BDSM for the better part of a decade.
Her interests, like BJ’s, are wide and varied, but mostly focus on spanking, caning, age play, suspension, boot worship, squirting, big toys, and anything else creative and different. She is also known as the cheekier half of the creative duo Sado Pop, renowned for their fetish performances in Melbourne and around the country.

Pepper is a well-respected submissive in the BDSM scene in Melbourne with a great tolerance for pain and is also a big proponent of submissives with personalities and putting the fun back into BDSM. Pepper has also been assisting as a bottom at Eagle Leather’s seminars and workshops for several years.


Angel became involved in the Sydney BDSM & Fetish scene in Australia over 16 years ago and was very active for 11 years running fetish & BDSM events, including BDSM house parties and Fetish club nights. She has also been very involved creating & performing in BDSM shows for both Kinky & not-so-kinky events. Over the last 10 years, Angel has travelled extensively through North America immersing herself in a Kink/BDSM culture attending events and teaching overseas.

Seven years ago, Angel developed an interest in chainmail while designing and shaping costumes for upcoming performances & events. Since then, she has continued designing & creating a myriad of unique pieces plus has incorporated chainmail into BDSM corporal punishment tools.

One of Angel’s passions is corporal punishment and she enjoys sharing her knowledge on a myriad of subjects from basic to advanced techniques; anything from Fire, Sensual flogging, body impact, to caning and single tails.

Angel will be teaching at OZkinkFest:
• “Flames are my weakness – Fire play”
• “Flogging – Does it have to hurt?”
• Assisting Tiger with “Florentine Flogging”

Fet: AngelAnne

About Tiger

Tiger discovered his interested in all things kinky at a young age, but has been actively pursuing his interests and has been part of the BDSM & Kink community since 2008. Tiger enjoys many aspects of kink and is a bit of an all rounder – Top, Bottom, Sadist, Masochist – you name it – he has either done it or wants to do it! To that end, he has attended many classes both locally and in North America in order to gain the knowledge and experience required to pursue his various interests.

Tiger is a craftsman who builds his own custom BDSM furniture; Crosses, stocks, frames & bondage chairs, and has been involved in building sets and props for 20+ years. He has also been commissioned to makes unique custom furniture for others.

From the very first time he picked up floggers, Tiger has been florentining. He is self taught in the art of Florentine flogging. Tiger has a simple formula for all to master the techniques.

He will be teaching at OZKinkfest:
• “Florentine Flogging”
• Assisting Angel with “Flogging – Does it have to hurt?”

Fet: tigertales


Avalon is an Italian-Australian rigger known for his sensual and attentive bondage. He has been involved in BDSM for over 20 years and has been fascinated by the intrinsic beauty of Japanese Rope Bondage since seeing a Japanese bondage show in Paris in the late 80′s.
�In his pursuit to improve his skills and knowledge in Japanese Rope Bondage he regularly travels to Japan to study, he is a student of Osada Steve and Yukimura Haruki; he has also received tutelage from other renowned Nawashi, such as Hajime Kinoko, Nawashi Kanna, Kitagawa, Satomi Zpira, Kazami Ranki, Bingo and the gorgeous Hourai Kasumi.
Seduced by the sensual skill and artistic expression of Newaza Shibari (Yukimura style floorwork) Avalon has developed his own distinctive style, his floor-work is fluid and sensory, relying on triggers and sensitivities of his model to lull them into a forbidden world. His style keeps faith to traditional Japanese bondage where mind, edge and predicament play are key factors of the tying process.
Avalon is active within the Australian and Italian Japanese Rope Bondage Community, he is a one of the instructors at Sydney Rope Dojo, Peer Rope , he has performed in numerous international rope events and regularly conducts Japanese rope workshops throughout Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Switzerland and the UK.
Avalon’s rope has two extreme styles, on one end it is geared towards deep connection with one’s partner and exploring all sensory aspects of sensual tying, Haruki Yukimura style if you like, at the other end of the scale, it is a harder styled rope, that he defines, non impact ” semenawa”, this is achieved with constriction, predicament, with a good dose of physical and psychological stress, it can be very trying and rope can be very hard or not so extreme, the levels are actually measured to the person being tied, Kitagawa style. It includes a little mind fucking, which is something that Avalon is particularly good at, with his partners …!

A portfolio of his work can be seen here : http://123avalon.tumblr.com
or on his Fetlife profile, here: https://fetlife.com/users/294780


September 23, 2017 @ 11:00 am
September 24, 2017 @ 6:30 pm
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