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Club Freak presents Taboo Ball featuring Rubberdoll

May 5, 2017 @ 11:00 am UTC+8

Please use the INVITE feature to help spread the word 🙂

Club Freak presents the 1st Annual TABOO BALL :: featuring RUBBERDOLL in her Australian Debut

++ T A B O O B A L L ++

– featuring RUBBERDOLL all the way from Miami, Florida with her award winning Latex Fetish performance.

DRESS CODE: http://clubfreak.com.au/rules
VIP TIX to Club Freak Fetish Lounge: https://megatix.com.au/events/taboo-ball-vip
(Fetish Lounge has strict fetish wear dress code and play area – see below)

The TABOO BALL is an adult fetish & fantasy party and by that we mean it’s an open-minded, pansexual, kink-friendly, freak friendly dance party. You can expect to see and hear things you will never see in any other event. The music is edgier, harder, darker – the vibe is sexier, kinkier and definitely more friendly as you are enveloped in the warmth of a scene and a community that actually understands you.

++ D A T E ++


+ R U B B E R D O L L performing L I V E + (Miami, Florida USA)

The most famous fetish performer and model of our time, the most recognized face in the fetish world and the hardest working performer in the industry – just some of the ways RubberDoll has been described. You will recognise her from her multiple appearances on the cover of Marquis magazine, Skin Two magazine to name some well known ones, or from her video appearances in Rubberized vols 1 – 5, Latex Lockup, Deviant Dolls or from her appearancess on the Fetishistas website to name a few.

If you were lucky enough to attend last years Berlin Fetish Weekend or the Montreal Fetish Weekend you would have seen her on stage performing and modelling, or at dozens of her appearances as she tours and performs.

RubberDoll has interrupted her 2017 World Tour to come to Perth for our innaugural event and she is bringing her most famous routines for your enjoyment! This is a very rare opportunity to see one of the worlds top fetish entertainers right here in Perth.

PLEASE NOTE: We will be placing an emphasis on the dress code at this event to create the absolute best atmosphere we can.

+ A M E L I A A R S E N I C DJ SET + (Sydney, Australia)

Australia’s undisputed Queen of Alternative Music Amelia Arsenic has been working madly on a killer set to perform for you at Taboo. Amelia has been working hard on her new album and we are VERY grateful she is taking time out of her touring and live performing schedule to come and share the latest in dark, tech, underground music. This is the cutting edge of music and mixing her passion and style with RubberDoll is sure to create a heady mix.

+ S T U D I O K I N K performing LIVE + (Sydney, Australia)

Highly respected and univerally applauded Mark Deviate and his partner in rope Lani Deviate are quite literally stepping off the plane from their shows in New York, and stepping right onto the stage at Taboo to perform for you. We are SO EXCITED to have them here it’s getting ridiculous. The Deviates are famous for their stage performances with rope in western bondage style, japanese shibari style and for mixing it up with aerial lyra hoops, excrutiating floor work and more. We can’t wait to see what they perform for us.

+ C I R C U S C A R N I S performing LIVE + (Perth, Australia)

LET THE MAYHEM COMMENCE! Perth’s most infamous performing couple Reverend Butcher and the Princess of Pain take to the stage with a brand new act, just for the Taboo Ball! If you loved them at the Fringe Festival, wait unti you see what they can get up to on a fully operational death star! I mean Theatre Stage. You can expect blood, pain, shock and awe – if you are squeamish you might want to look away, or find comfort in the arms of an attractive stranger momentarily. Circus Carnis are the most infamous entertainers in Perth and for a bloody good reason – you wont want to miss this.

+ P E E R R O P E performing LIVE + (Perth, Australia)

SEK and vella have performed their flawless style of Japanese shibari for Club Freak once before, and it remains the most incredible night in our club history. The tension in the room, and the passion between the two performers is real and visceral. Look for them at various locations throughout the venue as the night progresses, but as always DO NOT INTERRUPT.

DJ AMNESIA – Rhetoric, RTRFM, Dominate

DJ Jessica Kill – Club Freak, Sin Club, Hexx, Spank

DJ Liam – Club Freak, Sin CLub, Dominion

You can expect the maestros to create an incredible atmosphere as the night progresses through it’s journey. From the depths of deep, dark electro to upbeat EBM and dance beats, and sliding back into 80’s retro and synthetic vibes.

C L U B F R E A K V I P L O U N G E & P L A Y S P A C E

VIP TIX: https://megatix.com.au/events/taboo-ball-vip
(VIP Fetish Lounge has strict fetish wear dress code and play area)

Club Freak is very pleased to be able to offer our long standing club goers a special treat. Our very own bar and play area! The Gold Bar at MetroCity is known as the very best seats in the house, the best view, the best layout and most of all it’s VIP only. We have worked extensively with the venue to ensure this space accurately creates the Club Freak experience we all know and love.

Please PM the page before attempting to purchase

The VIP area will also hold the only public-play area in the venue – monitored by our own professional Dominatrix and Dungeon Monitor. As always safety rules and players will be asked to book their play times and sign a waiver before commencing. Please respect the space and comply with any directions given by our staff.


Finally we have set aside a specific bar and lounge for those wanting to take a break and kick back outside the hectic pace of the main stage area. Details on this will be released as we define the scope of the space, stay tuned.

+ H O W T O B E H A V E A T T A B O O +

Our door and security team have been fully briefed to be on the lookout for any sleazy, homophobic, transphobic, kinkphobic, antisocial, or predatory behaviour, which will get you instantly turfed from the event. We are an inclusive, pansexual event and require all our patrons to accept and respect this. Someones kink may not be your kink, but you must respect their right to it.

If you are unsure how to address someone please ask politely how they would prefer to be addressed. It’s a quick question and offends no-one, and shows you are interested and open minded.

DO NOT TOUCH or grope people unless you have been expressly given their ok to do so. If you’re unsure, simply check – a quick “Would you mind if I…?” is required and you’d be amazed at how empowering it is too. The absence of NO is not a YES! Remember, consent is EXPRESSED not IMPLIED.


++ Security, Safety & the Green Lanyards ++

In order to help patrons feel comfortable we work with the security staff personally to ensure they understand what to look for. They are aware certain adult play can look confronting, and are briefed on how to politely enquire if consent has been given. Both parties must respond.

The Taboo Ball will ALWAYS assume consent has NOT been given and will act accordingly if necessary.

If you see something amiss or feel uncomfortable or have any concern at all, please approach a Team Freak member with a green lanyard as your first point of call. All Team members are experienced lifestyle players and can render assistance quickly. Where necessary the situation can then be escalated to security intervention if needed. This helps us help you have a better experience, and also helps the security team know when an intervention is urgently required.

Keep Kinky and Come Get Your Freak On!!


May 5, 2017
11:00 am
Event Category:


Club Freak


Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre
21 Mounts Bay Road
Perth, Western Australia 6000 Australia
+ Google Map
08 9338 0300

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