Cobie The Spy

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Cobie The Spy - Instant Video Download - Run time : 24.05 minutes

A mysterious spy just recently tried to break into this prison of chastity and was caught trying to steal some of our files.
Who does she work for?
And why has this young lady decided to attack such a dreaded institution? The strikingly beautiful damsel, in a very tight and shiny latex catsuit, refused to tell us anything ...
Cobie, a former inmate now of chastity prison, is now an agent trying to work against them.
Her gambit did not pay off and to her horror, she is once again a slave to the system of chastity, and this time they will make sure she never escapes or taste freedom again.
Armed with a new chastity device and shock collar, the jailers give her the highest security risk. Cobie tried to get the secrets of Chastity Prison out in the open, now instead she will experience the tormenting secrets and bondage this feared institution has to offer ...